Reflecting Sandtray




        Reflecting Sandtray is a process I developed while I was in Boston. I've used this technique with many clients and I have also trained a variety of colleagues and professionals to use this method to enhance and support better communications.

        Using Reflecting Sandtray a person tells a story and illustrates the events, relationships and emotions using small toys and characters. Witnesses listen intently to the presentation, never speaking, interrupting or asking questions. After the story teller has finished, the witnesses share impressions, reactions and personal thoughts about the story with each other, but they never address the story teller directly.

        Reflecting Sandtray accesses unconscious feelings, thoughts and memories related to events and relationships. These multi-layered perceptions are held in a safe, non-linear and 3-dimensional space, where they can be understood and processed consciously.

       Reflecting Sandtray is a powerful way for humans to share with others and be heard.